moon tour

Possibly the coolest moon gadget I have come across lately.  Google earth offers a “moon tour” using what seems to be the same technology  and/or services they use to bring you google earth. This moon tour allows you to view the surface of the moon. While viewing the moon you can view different flags or … Continue reading

moon phases

The moon phases are as follows: First quarter Waxing crescent New moon Waning Crescent Third Quarter Waning Gibbous Full Moon Waxing Gibbous (Then back to First Quarter) You can find many moon phases and moon calculators on the internet!

new moon

The moon has four phases: The new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter. The quarter describes the stage of where the moon is in relation to it’s cycle. The first quarter of the moon phase would put the moon 1/4th of the way through it’s cycle. The moon’s cycle goes from: new moon … Continue reading

Moon Signs

Moon Signs, there are ways to figure out what your moon sign is, here is a list of some sites so you can do it. The sun sign is another astrology sign that a lot of people like to get too. Your moon sign is similar to getting your horoscope, they are signs of astrology, … Continue reading

Ticket to the moon

Have you ever wanted to stand on the moon? Have you ever wanted to take a trip to the moon? Have you always wanted your favorite memory to be on the moon? Have you always wanted you greatest adventure to be on the moon? Can you make it to the moon? Will you ever have … Continue reading