moon tour

Possibly the coolest moon gadget I have come across lately. ¬†Google earth offers a “moon tour” using what seems to be the same technology ¬†and/or services they use to bring you google earth.

This moon tour allows you to view the surface of the moon. While viewing the moon you can view different flags or “pins” that are numbered. Each numbered pin is a different object or feature that is on the moons surface.

For example: This is an excerpt if “Pin 14

“As they traveled, the astronauts paused occasionally to put down the Modular Equipment Transporter (MET) and take panoramas with their hand-held cameras. If nothing else, the panoramas could later be analyzed on the ground and used to reconstruct the path of their traverse.”

You can find landing sites and you can find where NASA has placed some of their equipment on the moon. Google moon is definitely something you should check out.

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